STREAMER Releases New Single ‘Possessify’

Three-piece band STREAMER defines an entirely new genre they call ‘indie trance’ by blending layered vocals, gripping guitar hooks, and riffs with dance and trance electronica. They offer something fresh as their soundscapes encompass all genres, and their music is a heart-pumping, sing-along crowd-pleaser for all ages. Their strong sense of musicality has been developed over many years of playing to large audiences.

STREAMER returns with their latest single ‘Possessify’. The track is about creative people slowly losing their souls to the daily grind, and their desire to escape to ‘Feel Free, Fly High, don’t get so ‘Possessified’.

Comprising Tom (vocals, guitars, and keys), Jez (bass, BVs, and keys), and Tom’s son Freddie (drums and percussion), the three-piece are making a name for themselves as one to watch with the release of ‘Possessify’. Blending genres of indie, rock, EDM/trance, their new single is appropriately dramatic, and their finest work to date, and STREAMER are now ready to take things to the next level.

The song is inspired by band member Tom’s daughter mixing her words and asking why people get so “possessified” by their work. The lyrics in ‘Possessify’ are heartfelt and reflect personal observations and experiences. The track was created using traditional trance rhythms at 138 bpm along with a live rhythm guitar to provide mid-range pulse and tension. Then STREAMER uses piano chords and melody for suspense. The rap is ‘Floydian’, textured, low, and breaks down into a monster build that rises into a wall of guitars. Unknown fact, the searing lead at the end was played on guitar in a single take. ‘Possessify’ was written and produced in STREAMER’s Kent studio near Faversham and mastered in Germany.

Instrumentally, Tom uses a Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Custom 24 and a Custom Fender Stratocaster guitar through a Line 6 Helix. Jez uses a Warwick Infinity bass guitar and a Line 6 Helix. The drums, production, and midi instruments were generated in Ableton using a variety of plug-ins. Freddie uses Roland’s e-drums.

On the release, STREAMER says, “‘Possessify’ is about courage and conviction, not losing creative souls to the daily grind and the absolute need to ‘Feel Free, Fly High, don’t get so Possessified’.”