Drew A. Will Releases Emotional New Single ‘Rainbows Coalesce’

Drew A. Will, a multi-instrumentalist out of West Chester, PA, reveals his new single ‘Rainbows Coalesce’ off his new EP ‘12/12.’ This venture promises to exhibit his newfound sonic range whilst remaining true to his folk roots. With an almost overwhelmingly powerful sense of composition, Drew captures a picture of natural beauty that is reflected by the various acoustic textures found throughout the track

Perhaps the perfect artist for fans of folk, ‘Rainbows Colesce’ encapsulates the essence of hope, resilience, and solidarity. Produced by Diogo Sarabando (who also served as the track’s bassist and backing vocalist alongside Alex Valentine), Drew’s instrumentation is balanced intimately within the mix, creating a sense of presence for listeners, as if Drew were performing right in front of you. However, despite the high volume of instruments being used, the song dynamically pans between each individual part, providing a spotlight for each sound. The single features the dynamic violin and flute of Mariana Moita and Sam Silva, respectively.

When asked to speak about the track, Drew said “Rainbows Coalesce is a reminder that peace and solidarity are always freely waiting for all humans when ready.” This track certainly leaves listeners with a sense of peaceful serenity, the soft piano and the reverb-coated backing vocals underlining Drew’s message of solidarity.

Without a doubt, ‘Rainbows Coalesce’ is one of the strongest folk songs to come out in recent years. Drew has established himself as one of the most important voices within the scene and with wonderfully complex and masterfully woven instrumentation, ‘Rainbows Coalesce’ is perhaps Drew’s finest work, which translates to the rest of the ‘12/12’ EP.